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To go along with my last to this archive regarding the release and popularity of Elite: Dangerous, I pulled this from my bookmarks for those of you who are ASMR fans. ASMR refers to videos made for relaxation purposes and for their stimulation of the amygdala. It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

These videos are put together by ASMR Requests and I hope you like them and consider subscribing to their creative channel. Some of you might recognize another ASMRtist who has a cameo in these videos.

Departure Episode I

Departure Episode II

Definitely way ahead of its time, this ASMR channel goes well with the thematic design of The Archive and Elite: Dangerous

You might want to consider watching some of the other great ASMR artists like Heather Feather, Fairy Char and Ephemeral Rift.


Brian Joseph Johns

Care of:
Hadden 92CF34781XXY

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